Falk is confident Bayern Munich successfully snatched Harry Kane.

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Christian Falk has revealed that Bayern Munich are confident of signing Spurs striker Harry Kane. The England captain was heavily rumored to move. Although Daniel Levy, chairman of the “golden spur chicken” did not want to be released to league rivals. But some reports suggest the club will not be deterred from playing abroad. With the “Southern Tigers” moving forward to grab the team. Which Falk is confident he will succeed.

“Thomas Tuchel works like a manager in England. So can decide who will come or not. And talks have made with Ken’s family.” Falk told BBC 5 Live.

“Bayern Munich won’t make an offer unless they’re confident that Harry Kane will come. The first step is to clear the details with Kane’s family and then make an offer.” UFABET

“The point is Bayern is in another league. Kane has a manly agreement with Daniel Levy that he allows him to move to another league. If there’s an offer he’s really interested in.”

“For now yes, Harry Kane wants to leave because you know about Tottenham and trophies. The main focus is on Ken right now.”

“If he doesn’t leave this summer they will be waiting for Tottenham to decide. If they want €80m or €90m or nothing next year.”