Araujo reiterates that he is always focused on Barca.

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Ronald Araujo has confirmed his full commitment to Barcelona amid interest from Bayern Munich. Who are interested in signing the 24-year-old defender to strengthen their defence.

Barcelona defender Ronald Araujo insists he is always 100% focused and committed to the Azulgrana team. Amid news of interest from Bayern Munich before the 24-year-old defender will lead the agency to fight against Osasuna in the semi-finals of the Supercopa de Espana. The second day of the match this Thursday. According to a report from Mundo Deportivo on Wednesday. ทางเข้า UFABET

Araujo said:

‘In every market there is talk of transfers. But I am focused on the club, I am happy and I always try to do my best when it’s my turn to defend the shirt.’

Discussing some of the Azulgrana’s performances in recent weeks. Araujo confirmed they were lacking something both in defense and attack.

‘I think maybe we lacked a bit of strength in both areas. Both in the defensive and offensive games We have quality players. But we lacked the strength to close out the game. It’s important to correct those mistakes to get back on track.’

Araujo also mentioned his rival Osasuna on Thursday.

 ‘No one thought it would be an easy game. Osasuna, on the other hand, was a difficult opponent to play.’

Osasuna will play without Chimi Avila, who is injured. Before Araújo spoke about the matter. ‘He’s a great player important to them. But they have the players to cover that position. We will try to counter their strengths. They have good finishers.’

Araujo has improved greatly in his ability to play the ball out from the back over the past few years. Which the 24-year-old says he has learned from playing since Xavi. S took on the position of trainer.

‘As you know, since Xavi arrived I’ve learned a lot in that area. I feel more comfortable on the ball. He told me to have confidence. Because of my character There are games where I try to do a little bit more than what I have to do to move up. That’s good for the team.’

The Uruguayan also thinks heading into the Spanish Super Cup tournament could end up being a turning point in the season like last year’s: ‘We did well, we won the championship. The important thing is must win. This challenge was very important to us last year. It was a turning point and it is important to do it again. We have a great group. And we want to win it.’

When asked about interest from Bayern Munich, Araujo confirmed. He remains fully focused and committed to Barcelona, ​​saying: ‘These are rumors that happen in every market always. There is always discussion. But I am focused on Barca and I always show that. I will always give 100 per cent.’