Canned chickpeas.

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If you have a Canned chickpeas, you have the makings of all sorts of dinners (and lunches too). Drain the can and pop the little legumes into soups or stews for extra protein and fiber. Or mash them with lemon juice, fresh dill, and diced celery as the filling for a wrap. Then, of course, there’s the world of chickpea cakes, chickpea tacos, and chickpea salads to choose from menu.

Save it for later

Leftover chickpeas can be kept in a sealed container in the refrigerator for up to a week, and can even be frozen. UFABET  For best results, dry canned chickpeas as much as possible, then place them on a baking sheet in a single layer in the freezer. Once frozen, store them in a zip-top bag or other airtight container.

Health benefits

Despite their humble appearance, chickpeas are a veritable powerhouse of nutrition.

One cup of the cooked beans contains 12.5 grams of fiber, 14.5 grams of protein, and just 4 grams of fat. They’re also quite high in manganese. Which supports bone health and folate, a B vitamin that helps create new cells and form DNA.

Now, you may have noticed that I emphasize canned chickpeas here. Raw chickpeas need to be soaked for eight hours or overnight. Part of what I love about canned ones is that they just need to be opened and rinsed. If soaking beans isn’t your forte, don’t let that stop you from leaning on chickpeas for an easy-to-make dish. Canned chickpeas are just as good.